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These are time-lapse photos of the recovery of the USS Cole.
In the first photo, a transport ship is "flooded" to allow it underneath the disabled USS Cole.
Cole was transported from Aden to Pascagoula by the Norwegian heavy transport ship M/V Blue Marlin.
As the photos progress, the USS Cole is secured to the deck of the transport ship.
Then the transport is slowly raised to the surface of the water to get underway.


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Seventeen of their shipmates
Paid the price, supreme
Thirty-some more, hurting
Like in some nightmarish dream.

But, it wasn't a bad dream
Just the reality, of life
When you go into harms way
In this world of war and strife.

They gave their lives like those before them
Who fight for truth and liberty
For the safety of our country
And countries too, across the sea.

They sail upon the seven seas
Months on end out on patrol
And sometimes, so sadly
Must pay a deadly toll.

"It comes with the territory."
Is what some, may say
But that doesn't ease the pain
Of the price they have to pay.

~ ©Del "Abe" Jones ~
Used With Permission


The midi song playing is titled "A Gift Of A Thistle" from the movie Braveheart.

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