I was like a ship
Lost without direction
Guided by the wind
Lost without affection.

Never knew where I was goin’
Just drifted mile after mile
Never had a reason to stay
Until I saw your smile.

You sailed into my life
Like a kite upon the wind
And took away those lonely nights
As you became my friend.

Never thought that this could happen
To find what I was wishin’ for
But now I know it’s you
The lighthouse on the shore.

Well now what you’ve done to me
Is like no other one before
‘Cause you’ve become the truth
Like a lighthouse on the shore.

You’ve found me when I was lost
And someone who was gonna drown
And you pulled me out of the storm
Like a lighthouse on the shore.

~ Lyrics & Song ©Steve Kilpatrick & Larry Sims ~
Copyright 1996
Used With Permission

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