How To Convert And Compress Wavs

These days it seems everyone is downloading MP3's. Whether you download from
KaZaA, Morpheus, or from another download site, the problem is the HUGE file
sizes! Here's a simple tutorial to convert your MP3's to Wav Format, then Compress
them to MPEG Layer-3 so they won't take up so much space on your computer!

Converting From MP3 to Wav

First you will need a program which will convert MP3's to Wav Format.
Click Here to download an easy to use program (620 kb).
You will be able to convert any MP3 to a CD Quality Wav.
(PCM, 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit Stereo)
I recommend this program for beginners.

Another great program to use is the dBPowerAmp Converter which will
rip songs from CD's, convert them to Wavs, and will also compress them.

Compressing The Wav

1. Open Your Windows Sound Recorder.

2. Click on File, then Open. Find the Wav File in your computer
that you want to compress, then click Open to load the wav.
When loading a big file it will take a minute to load.

3. Once your file is fully loaded, click on Properties.

4. This screen will come up. Click on Convert Now.

5. Another box will come up. Under Format chose MPEG Layer-3.
On Attributes, choose 18 kBit/s, 11025 Hz, Stereo 2 KB/s. Click Ok.
You may want to test a higher Attribute for better song quality, but remember...
the higher the Attribute number you use, the larger the file size will be in the end.

6. You will then see this screen. When it is done converting click OK.
Then to Save your song click on File, Save As, and choose where
you want to save it to, give it a new name, and click Save.

At any time you can change your Compressed Wav back to CD Quality for burning.

Happy Waving!

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