When days in life are heavy
When words are hard to find
When time is of the essence
Each bridge in life divined

Storms in life now raging
Waves are crashing through
Fear may overtake you
But let the light shine through

Time will have it's purpose
For when the journey's done
Life is there to greet you
In warmth of rising sun

Steps in life you've taken
They lead to where you are
No matter what the distance
Your dreams are not that far

Peace will softly enter
Your spirit takes new flight
In seasons of our sorrow
We'll always find God's Light

He shows the way to safety
He whispers as we go
I am with you always
As tides in life will flow.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright June 13, 2003
used with permission






Midi Performed by Margi Harrell
©June 9, 2003

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